Random Acts of Creativity by Karen Windness

Cat and Dog

I bought a dipped ink pen brush for Photoshop and am playing with a preschool kidlit style and limited palette. First sample!cat-dog-windness


UFO Penguin Abduction

I love gifs, and am enjoying making them, too. My kids were wondering why aliens abduct cows–who wouldn’t want a penguin? Who indeed! More of my gifs here: KAZ-GIPHY


Skating Penguin: Meet Snowflake!

Here’s Snowflake the penguin on skates!


Meowy Christmas!

I’ve been on a cat kick. Here’s a new Christmas kitty design!

Products can be found at Redbubble:

Thank you for supporting artists this holiday!


Penguin Claus

Ho Ho Ho! Here comes Penguin Claus!penguin-wave-windness

Kaz Windness –

Edgar Allan Poe: Goth Before Goth Was Goth

I’ve been busy making new shirt designs. This one’s a tribute to Poe– “Goth before goth was GOTH.”

Shirts and other items available here:

Wish Bottles

Here’s a beautiful, easy craft to inspire wish makers young and old.wish-jar-final-windness

What you’ll need: Small jars, found in the jewelry area at Michael’s. Crystal mineral chips, found in the jewelry area at Michael’s. Jewelry pliers. Slips of paper and something to write with. Essential oils, found at any health food store. A funnel made with rolled paper. Charms. Chain or necklace. The bottles were a little over $1 each and rocks were $10 for the

Step 1: Uncork bottle and add desired chips using the funnel to avoid messes. You may want to search metaphysical properties of your stones to add to the intent and magic of your wish. Rose quartz is great for love and emotional

2. Add additional chips as desired. Fill to about 3/4 full.3-4-full-windness

3. Write your wish. This can be for yourself or a special message for someone you love.wish-write-windness

4. Roll up your wish. Jewelry pliers are great for this.24322016_10214672724321148_688065618_o

5. Insert your tightly rolled wish into the bottle.24321937_10214672723601130_1149448546_o24474596_10214672723241121_714304256_o

6. Add essential oils. A drop or two of each up to 6 drops is plenty. You may want to look up the healing properties of essential oils to add some oomph to your wish. Grapefruit is a clearing and happy scent.oil-in-windness

7. Cork and add your charm using jewelry pliers. charm-windness

8. Add a chain or necklace (or ribbon or string or zipper pull, etc.). You may want to glue the lid on, but it is pretty secure if corked

9. Share with friends and wish away!final-result-windness

These make great ornaments and gifts–and a fun party craft! Enjoy!

-Kaz Windness,

Holiday Batlings

This is my Christmas mailer and holiday card. I rewrote The Night Before Christmas as only Mother Goth can. This was a line I loved, but ultimately it was cut for continuity, so I used it for my cards instead.


Link to products (shirts, prints, journals, etc.): REDBUBBLE KAZ WINDNESS

Samples from The Last Night Before Christmas are coming soon. My children assured me that I’d end up on the naughty list for killing Santa, but that can’t be helped now.

Scary Christmas to All!!!



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