Random Acts of Creativity by Karen Windness

Batty Vladdy

Romantic but deadly.



Axolotl & Ukulele

Have you ever seen an axoltl? These adorable pink salamanders that are always smiling. I couldn’t help but draw one. Meet Ax:


Ax was drawn in pencil and then scanned into Photoshop and colored. I used a new set of impressionist brushes from Kyle Brushes ( Great textures, fun to work with!

Karen Windness –

Twisted Mother Hubbard

This woman really puts herself into her cooking!


If Jill invites you for a moonlit stroll, I suggest you skip it.jill-windness.jpg

Anti-Christening Day

I grew up with Precious Moments and even own a couple of these sappy-sweet kitsch figurines. I woke up with an idea and went for it. This is likely the first of many Not So Precious Moments. I give you “Anti-Christening Day”:



Kaz Windness –

Purple Mountains Majesty

This pillow project was a commissioned gift for a close friend. The mountains are made from a variety of purple felt and the fabric material is tie-dyed fleece, all found at Jo-Ann Fabric. My closures still need work, but I like how the pillows turned out.

I made patterns using tracing paper and cut out both sets of peaks at the same time. Each layer of mountains was sewn separately (background peaks first, etc.). Final size is 15″x15″.

Happy New Year from Colorado!

Karen Windness


Penguin Pillows

For Christmas, my husband’s family exchanges “family gifts” which often include handmade items and snacks. This year, I made a baby penguin pillow for each family.

The pillow measures 16″x 20″ and the pillow guts, flannel and felt material were all purchased at Joann’s — on sale, of course!

The Finished Trio
Artist’s tracing paper makes a great pattern.
Piecing and Pinning
Late Night Sewing


Happy Holidays! -Karen Windness

First Ink

I’ve been talking about getting a tattoo for years now and finally mustered up the courage. I’m not going to lie. It hurt! I didn’t cry or swear, but there was wincing for sure.

The first tattoo I got was the number 13 on my left wrist. Besides being my birthday, it’s my lucky number and symbolic of divine feminine energies. It took a while to design the numbers and I was tweaking them up right up until the needles came out.


The second tattoo was the Pleiades constellation on my right forearm. I am always drawn to this constellation when star gazing. Odd as it sounds, it feels like home.


How gorgeous is this? (below)


I traced this chart (below) and gave it my own twist. I like the idea of the stars being stitched together.


My artist was wonderful. Her name is Kat and if you’re in the Thornton, Colorado area, check out Elegant Ink.

Kat gave me Saniderm tattoo bandages and I highly recommend them for the hassle free healing.


The Twins

Identical in every way but one. twins-windness

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