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Little Goth Mermaid

Not everyone wants to be where the people are. goth-mermaid-windness

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New Illustrated Self-Portrait & Logo

A little batty? Who me?



Mother Goth Rhymes T-Shirt

I’m getting close to completing the Mother Goth Rhymes book art, and to celebrate, I made a Young Mother Goth T-shirt! LINK to T-shirt listing. Book pre-orders available here: 



Bat Button Pin for SCBWI NY 2019

For the last couple of years, I’ve been creating buttons as a promotional conference handout. The writer/artist community seems to appreciate puns, and I’m a bit batty for them myself. Here’s the new button for SCBWI New York 2019:


The pencil guy in the background is Stubs. I created these button pins last year for SCBWI LA. I handed them out at RMC-SCBWI 2018 as well.


NY 2018:


I handmake the pins with a button maker machine, but if you don’t want to buy the machine and spend the time crunching them out, I’ve heard good things about Sticker Mule for affordable, good quality buttons.

Happy creating and promoting!!!


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That’s Spooky, Baby!

For SCBWI NY conference next month, I’ve decided to theme my portfolio with spooky art. It’s what I’m known for and what I like drawing best. Here’s the cover image.


I have the book divided into sections: Baby Book, Picture Book, Chapter Book, and a skull and crossbones tab where I’ve sampled Mother Goth Rhymes art. I’m taking some pleasure in knowing mine will be the only portfolio featuring murderous cats.



Book Promo Postcard

I’m heading to New York next month for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators conference, and instead of my usual art promo postcard, I can actually promote a book this year! Yay! I just ordered these from

The front is a sneak peek from the book. I’m printing in color to capture the sepia tones.


And here’s the back in greyscale. It includes a hand-drawn name (branding ftw!) and all my vital contact info, as well as another poem sample and shout-out for Mother Goth Rhymes.


The card is 5″x7″ — the maximum size allowed size allowed for the Illustrator Showcase. I ordered 250 which is plenty for the conference and should leave some left over to mail out later.

New York, here I come!


Roses Are Dead

I’ve been busy creating new Mother Goth Rhymes artwork and expanding existing pieces into full 2-page spreads. It’s a lot of work in a short amount of time, but I’m living my dream and drawing what I love! Bats and graveyards and zombies, oh my!


More art and gothy fun on Mother Goth’s facebook page:

The book comes out Summer 2019, but you can pre-order your copy now by going to 10% discount using coupon code: ORDER2018

Kaz Windness

Mother Goth Rhymes Book News + Special Offer!

Coming this Summer to a creepy bookshelf near you!


Mother Goth invites you into her world of grim and gruesome tales that celebrate the macabre with a selection of poems created especially for you! Feel your spine tingle with a new look at some old classics, from “Rock-A-Bye Zombie” to “Roses are Dead,” these poems explore the dark underbelly of our childhood favorites.

Come over to the darker side of life…it’s more fun there!

SPECIAL OFFER! October 13th-20th,  2018: To celebrate this announcement (and author/artist Kaz’s birthday!) we’re offering a spectacularly spooky deal! Get 20% off your entire order! PRE-ORDER your copy HERE!

20% off with this code: MOTHERGOTH2018

And if you go to Mother Goth’s Facebook page and message her with a proof of purchase and good mailing address, Mother Goth will mail you a set of pins! (For buyers in the United States only, sorry!)



Chicken Demo

If you attended my RMC-SCBWI session Color, Composition, Texture
and the Secret to Working Fast, here’s how I finished the chicken demo illustration:


Original contour line drawing and color inspiration:

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