Random Acts of Creativity by Karen Windness


Lots of spork love items here!:

Cat Psychic

I’m working on an icon package for a wonderful psychic medium and friend. This is for a class on animal communication (telepathic communication with animals and animal spirits). cat-kazwindness

The Ghost Did It: Ghost Gas Gif

Answering the age-old question.


Gassy Ghost on t-shirts, stickers, journals and much more:

Ghost Matryoshka Doll

I’m curious about haunted objects — how a soul gets attached and how it might detach, too. I also love Russian Nesting Dolls. These two curiosities mashed together became this illustration.


Rock-A-Bye Zombie

New Mother Goth Rhyme! It’s true. Babies are brain eaters.


Stay creepy, my friends.


Wednesday Addams

I just started participating in #springgothchallenge on Instagram, and this week, it was “Little Black Dress.” Here’s my take on Wednesday Addams. I totally want this dress! It’s covered in little human skulls. Be afraid!



Taco Pug

Tacos and pugs are two of my favorite things, so I mashed them up. Here’s Taco Pug. Merchandise now available on my Redbubble store:


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