Random Acts of Creativity by Kaz Windness

illustrator / writer / weirdo

Mother Goth Rhymes Book News + Special Offer!

Coming this Summer to a creepy bookshelf near you!


Mother Goth invites you into her world of grim and gruesome tales that celebrate the macabre with a selection of poems created especially for you! Feel your spine tingle with a new look at some old classics, from “Rock-A-Bye Zombie” to “Roses are Dead,” these poems explore the dark underbelly of our childhood favorites.

Come over to the darker side of life…it’s more fun there!

SPECIAL OFFER! October 13th-20th,  2018: To celebrate this announcement (and author/artist Kaz’s birthday!) we’re offering a spectacularly spooky deal! Get 20% off your entire order! PRE-ORDER your copy HERE!

20% off with this code: MOTHERGOTH2018

And if you go to Mother Goth’s Facebook page and message her with a proof of purchase and good mailing address, Mother Goth will mail you a set of pins! (For buyers in the United States only, sorry!)



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