I spent the afternoon eating delicious food and crafting pencil jewelry with a beloved fellow Ravenclaw. Here are the results. Our cutting board will never be the same, but it makes for a pretty backdrop!




-When school supplies are on clearance (late August, early September), take full advantage. I raided my local grocery store.

-The “My First Ticonderoga” pencils are oversized and great for making a pencil-y statement.

-We cut the pencils short with a fine-tooth hacksaw and sandpapered smooth.

-The holes were made with a dremel tool and small drill bit.

-I used a Sharpie to draw lines on the white pencil and sprayed with Crystal Clear to minimize rub off.

-I sealed the pencil tips with clear fingernail polish and painted the flat ends with gold and silver polish. Clear would work, too.

Happy creating!