I’ve been talking about getting a tattoo for years now and finally mustered up the courage. I’m not going to lie. It hurt! I didn’t cry or swear, but there was wincing for sure.

The first tattoo I got was the number 13 on my left wrist. Besides being my birthday, it’s my lucky number and symbolic of divine feminine energies. It took a while to design the numbers and I was tweaking them up right up until the needles came out.


The second tattoo was the Pleiades constellation on my right forearm. I am always drawn to this constellation when star gazing. Odd as it sounds, it feels like home.


How gorgeous is this? (below)


I traced this chart (below) and gave it my own twist. I like the idea of the stars being stitched together.


My artist was wonderful. Her name is Kat and if you’re in the Thornton, Colorado area, check out Elegant Ink. http://www.elegantink08.com/

Kat gave me Saniderm tattoo bandages https://saniderm.com/ and I highly recommend them for the hassle free healing.