I don’t do a lot of pet portraits anymore, but I just couldn’t resist when it came to Poe.


This is 9×11″ acrylic on canvas. The background features the constellations Pisces, Taurus, Leo, The Big Dipper (pointing to Arcturus) and my favorite, The Seven Sisters/Pleiades above my signature. Poe’s mom (a good friend and talented psychic medium) didn’t request anything specific for the background, but I knew this blue was one of her favorite colors, and I asked her about her astrology — birth, rising, and moon signs. To make sure the constellations were fairly accurate, I traced them from a photograph and poked holes through the paper, marking the canvas.

If you have a beloved pet to immortalize on canvas, please see Rates & Sizes for more information, and feel free to email me at karenwindness@gmail.com.