shhhh… Don’t tell my husband, but this is what he’s getting for Christmas:

He collects bottle caps and they are everywhere. I’m not sure what he plans to do with them, but now he has a place to store and display them in the meantime!

I got the idea from something similar in the Bed Bath & Beyond catalog. I actually tried to buy it in store, and they couldn’t find it on the shelves. Fortunately, I remembered I had an unused shadow box in the basement, as well as some oil based markers from a coffee mug craft that didn’t work so great (not dishwasher friendly).

If you want to make this for your special bottle cap collector, here’s what you need:

-a shadow box frame, any size

-oil based marker suitable for glass — I used gold

-something to cut a slot in wood — I borrowed my husband’s drimel tool

– a print out or hand drawn quote that fits within the size of the glass

Scroll to the bottom for steps!


-take the back off the box

– on the top of the box, draw a small rectangle where you want to have your cap slot. Be sure a cap will fit.

– carefully drill a hole in each of the four corners of this rectangle

– saw from hole to hole or drill a series of consecutive holes until the rectangle comes free

– sand the hole until it’s relatively smooth (I also put black tape around my opening because it was rough looking)

-clean the saw dust out of the box and wipe the glass with Windex

-tape your saying to the inside of the glass

-trace your saying in oil-based marker on the outside of the glass. If you mess up, use fingernail polish to wipe away the marker. This is much easier to do while the marker is fresh!

-remove the paper saying and replace the back of the shadow box

-when the marker is dry, wipe away any finger smudges with a soft cloth and Windex. The marker will not wipe off.

-gift and display!