My Kindergartener is learning correct pencil holding, and I couldn’t find any pencil grips at Target (too late in the season?). Sometimes it pays off to have more craft supplies than Martha Stewart.

This took half a strip each.

1. Grease up the pencil with Vaseline. This keeps the plastic from sticking and makes your husband look at you funny.

2. Warm the Friendly Plastic strip until it’s soft and starting to show cracking. Cut the strip in half. I used a kitchen knife because I’m lazy. I should have run the knife under cold water first so the edge would be clean.

3. Carefully peel up a corner of the plastic strip and wrap wrap wrap around the pencil.

4. Gently press the plastic into the correct grip. You can do this by holding it while the plastic is still warm.

5. Cool the plastic in cold water. Under a running tap works fine.

6. Get writing!