I just finished a big writing assignment and now I’m back to my pet projects, including Gordie Pumpkinhead. Gordie is a student at Mrs. Witch’s School for Ghouls. Personality-wise, he’s a cross between Charlie Brown and Linus; full of hopeful optimism and prone to fits of debilitating self-doubt… much like every writer and illustrator I know, myself included.

Anyway, here’s Gordie, his teacher, Mrs. Witch, his friends, Creature, Fangsly and Bonnie (x2, just for fun).

gordie-karenwindnesswitch-karenwindness  creature-karenwindness fangsly-karenwindness bonnie-karenwindness
There are several stories in the works for Gordie. My favorite is Gordie Pumpkinghead and the Worst Pet Yet where Gordie tries to create a terrifying beast, but ends up making the most adorable ball of fluffy love in the form of Woobsly. Gordie is beyond embarrassed. His pet is nothing like the ravenous, toothy monstrosities his friends have made. Fortunately for Gordie and his delicious pumpkin head, Woobsly is much more than meets the eye.

More to come soon!