Another lovely thing about approaching 40 I guess, but I can no longer wear a flip flop without experiencing stabbing foot pain within a couple hours of flipping and flopping. I’ve been searching for flip flops with arch support, but they are no where to be seen at Target, and everything online is in the $75 range. This mamma does not buy $75 shoes, especially not flip flops! But I found an easy solution: DIY.

These are $2.50 flip flops, currently on sale at Michael’s for $1.25. The foam can cozy is about 50 cents. I had the scissors and glue. Other kinds of strong glue would work, I’m sure. I just kept on trimming down an oval shape and trying it under my arch until it felt right, and then I made a mirror one for the other foot, secured with glue, and ooh la la! Feels fantastic. I’ll update once I’ve had a chance to flip and flop for a while. My hope is for no more stabby feet.


Update: I’ve been wearing them for a few days now and they are awesome! No stabby feet anymore. I’m going to make a pair for just inside. They’ll be my new slippers.

I know they aren’t sexy, but you can’t see the support at all when you’re wearing them, and they feel oh so nice!