Got stinky shirts? My husband was complaining about this and he made a joke that he needed a fragrant sachet for his shirt drawer. I said, “I’m on that!” I even promised that they would be manly.

What you will need:
-Coffee Filter
-4 or 5 TBS Baking Soda
-25-30 Drops Essential Oils – available at Sunflower Market or Whole Foods or any natural grocer (equal parts pine and lime are my manly suggestion)

Scoop the baking soda into the filter, add the oils, stir, tie the top securely with string and throw it in your drawer. Replace when the nice scent has expended itself, probably between 1-3 months. No harm done if it stays in the drawer longer. This will also be absorbing stinky odors, so an occasional sniff check is recommended. I’m not noticing any leak-through at all, but another filter inside the drawer for the sachet to sit on is not a bad idea.


Another great scent combo is lavender, citrus (lemon and or orange), and bergamot. I use 2 parts lavender, 1 part citrus, 1 part bergamot. Play around with your own scent combinations and be sure to comment and let me know what you come up with.

I am going to try these in our shoe drawers, too. With three boys in the house, I do not need to explain to you why this is needed.

Play, have fun, and get stuff done,