I’ve been reading about orgonite, and I love rocks and crystals, so I thought I’d try my hand at making it. I had all the supplies to make some small ones: craft resin, silicone molds, quartz points, metal bits (copper wire and aluminum). I also added small bits of rose quartz, selenite and citrine.

I quickly ran out of resin, but was able to finish two stars.



It’s got a nice happy buzz; it feels like it’s taking grungy energy out of my body and transmuting it to something positive and productive. Which is something I can definitely use right now!

If you have experience with orgonite or have favorite rocks or crystals, please comment!


P.S. I had a bacon mold, too. These need more resin, but so far so good. I don’t recommend using alcohol inks with resin, btw. The bacon is still a bit sticky, and I’m not sure it will dry thoroughly. I’ll let you know. Looks cool though!


Update: I tried this again with clear polyester resin and it was STINKY! Even with a fan going and all windows open. I will never try this inside again.

But it turned out okay:


I swear the water tastes better after sitting on this coaster for a while. Especially overnight.