My son is very allergic to eggs, so imagine my concern when I got this note:

Mrs. Kuzmich is amazing and kind Kindergarten teacher, so I sent her a message explaining my concern. I’ve never made a stink about cupcakes and cookies, Fin can avoid those pretty easily, but a whole classroom full of 5 and 6 year olds eating eggs? Yikes! We came up with this replacement:

They are white fudge pretzels with white chocolate chips in the holes.
I heated the pretzels and chips at 300degrees for 3 minutes on a wax paper covered cookie sheet . I smoothed out the white chips a bit with a spoon and topped them with a green m&m. I then popped them in the fridge to cool and harden.


I appreciate that a lot of schools are moving towards treat free celebrations. Not only does this make life easier for allergy moms and safer for allergy kids, we help kids learn that you don’t need sugar to have fun. The US is dealing with a child obesity epidemic, after all.

Anyway, happy birthday Dr. Suess! And long live green eggs and ham.


P.S. Wondering about the ham? I was only worried about the eggs, so I didn’t volunteer to replace it. I hope the kids like Canadian Bacon!