I’ve had this idea for a while of making 3-d trophy style heads of some crazy creatures. Since I’ve painted and drawn hundreds of pugs and still love them madly, I thought I’d start there.


I’m using Celluclay here. It’s a paper and clay mixture. Just add water. Also, see the little cookie looking things on the left? I make those ahead of time so the center of the sculpture will be hard and dry before I add more clay on top. It takes a long time to dry (several days) so the dry center cuts down on dry time and potential cracking from too much wetness. Also, I don’t have any fancy sculpting tools. Probably worth investing in some, but I just used a mechanical pencil and my fingers.

pug-side KarenWindness

Once he dried, I gave him a coat of Gesso and then painted him with acrylics. I then found these cute little purple frames at Micheal’s and added some gold paint, then attached the pug to to frame with a screw through the back.

pug-purple-karenwindnessThere you go! Hopefully I’ll get to make some crazier critters in the near future.