I’ve been jonesin’ to make a polkadot dress painting, so when I saw red and white polkadot gift tissue on Christmas clearance, I knew it was time!

I’ve been on a bit of a paper dress painting kick. Paper is the inspiration. When I find beautiful paper, I have to do something with it. BTW, World Market is awesome! Buying gift paper there is really crazy affordable.

I make the dress paintings by collaging paper to canvas with Mod Podge and then going over the top with acrylic paint. I also like to add a bit of ribbon and glitter embellishment. I can finish a painting within 2 days, working on it when I’m not busy with the kiddos. My other work takes a lot longer, and I have trouble getting it done, so it’s nice to create something that results in a finished piece. Good for creativity. Good for the soul.