I just took an online Photoshop class: Digital Painting in Photoshop by Will Terry (http://folioacademy.com/) and learned how to make textural brushes. The paint is still drying on my texturized canvas, so I just scanned a sanding block for my first experiment:






Exciting, I know.

So once you have your texture scanned, you can turn it into a brush by going to Edit->Define Pattern and then save it as any name you want. Then you can click on your brush tool, go to Window->Brush, click on Texture, use the drop down menu to select your scanned texture, be sure it’s set to Multiply and you’re ready to paint with texture! That was a REALLY simplified description, so you’ll definitely want to check out Will Terry’s course… but here’s something I made in just a few minutes with that sand block texture brush:

So easy, it’s SPOOKY!

By the way, Will does incredible paintings that look exactly like pastel using this same technique, and he shows you the whole process in that tutorial. And no, I’m not getting paid to plug the class. It’s just too good not to share!