If you’ve been following the blog, you already know that my kids are all kinds of personality. Max is cute, sweet, funny and stubborn (hello 2 year old!) and Finley (4) is our method actor. Fin’s most recent incarnation is a character named Jumpy Bean. Jumpy Bean started out as a little girl cat, but now shifts from kitty to puppy to T-Rex to Stegosaurus and back again. He likes to tell us that he’s the star of the Jumpy Bean and Friends show (.com), and he’s assigned character rolls to Max (Jumpy Burger) and his friend, Aurelia (Jumpy Bonkers).

I’ve been doing little drawings of the kids for a while, but I had to stop drawing Finley because he would get mad if I drew him as a boy instead of what ever Jumpy Bean was at the moment. I finally gave into his requests, as you’ll see. (Click on an image below to see slide show.)