Maybe it’s an artist thing, but I go on these highs where I think, “wow! I can really draw and stuff!” And then… the crash. Maybe it’s the result of staring at a piece too long and going through a love/hate relationship with it. Maybe it comes from too much time on Pinterest looking at the people who can REALLY draw. Maybe it’s the cold-a$$ weather that just blew in. I dunno, but I’m there at the moment.

So instead of hanging out in my big ‘ol pity swamp and listening to sappy country songs about broken down trucks, cheatin’ wives and loyal dogs getting run over by a backhoe, I thought I’d cheer myself up with some good old fashion copyright infringement.  (They call it fan art nowadays, right?)

I call this one Yoda Brown, a Charlie Brown/Yoda mashup. Enjoy, fellow Nerdlings. And here’s to a better day tomorrow.

(In humble, heartfelt admiration of the late, great Charles Shulz and all those crazy cats at LucasFilms.)