Talk Like A Pirate Day has become nearly as popular as, well, Groundhog Day.  And although Groundhog Day has its very own movie, you cannot get a free doughnut if you dress up as a Groundhog. (I know, I’ve tried.) Instead you must wait for September 19th and show up at the Krispy Kreme in something like this:

But be sure to bring your kids, because you might be mistaken for Moby Dick if you eat the full dozen hot glazed fritters of succulent death on your own.

(Taken mere moments before these two began running laps around the shop screaming, “Yo ho ho! Yo ho ho!” I kid you not.)

Also, if you also have a matey with a Talk Like a Pirate birthday, you might find yourself wearing a t-shirt like this to tomorrow’s belated celebration:

So hoist the colors (and the doughnuts), and a very happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye all.

P.S. Here’s Fin in the pirate shirt I made for him: