Here’s a rubber stamp I made from a $1 eraser:

How to make your own: Buy a large eraser. I found this elephant eraser at the Dollar Tree. I also found Tweety Bird erasers at Michael’s on clearance for 60 cents! (I’ll show that stamp below.)

You will also need either a wood cutting tool with a “V” shaped cutting edge or a lino cut tool. I’ve also heard of people use cuticle cutters for stamp making, but I’m not sure how well they work.

Sketch out what you want the stamp to look like:

Carve away all the areas you want to remain white/no ink. Also cut away the areas around the image:

Ink stamp and test on paper:

Here’s the stamp I created from the 60 cent eraser.  (The package said .79, but it rang up as .60.)

Here’s the final product: