Here’s another holiday project using items most crafters already have on hand. I made one purchase for this project, and that was a bottle of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic ($5.49 at Michael’s. Plus I had a 40% off coupon, so cheap!)

I will post photos here and then talk about the supplies and steps below.

Bottle Caps
Small Beads (seed beads work well)
Buttons or small charms (I used a snowflake button in the main example)
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

If you want to make an ornament:
Felt for backing
Hot glue or strong jewelry glue

1. Sprinkle enough beads into the bottle cap to cover the bottom.
2. Place the button on top of the beads.
3. Fill entire bottle cap with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. (You may have to do a second filling after the first application dries if there are holes left from Dimensional Magic seeping into beads. If you see a bubble forming, you can remove it while it’s still wet by pushing the bubble off the cap with a toothpick or small piece of paper.)
4. Dry. May take up to two days depending on how much Dimensional Magic you used and also how frigid your basement studio is. Warmer=Faster.
5. For an ornament, bend a small piece of wire into a “U” and glue to the back of the dried ornament, placing a small circular piece of felt over the top. Add ribbon embellishment and a hook for hanging.
6. For a magnet, just glue a magnet to the back of the dried cap.

For the example with a stocking charm, I used Friendly Plastics to make the charm. Link the original tutorial here: CHARMS

Link to Friendly Plastics awesome blog with great tutorials: