Here’s a fun, festive project that will keep your kids occupied on those inevitable cabin fever days.  Photos below and instructions below that.

What you need:
– Plastic Craft Christmas Bulb (not glass!) I found mine at Micheal’s for $1.50 (50% off)
– Green, Red and White Rice (Click here for instructions)
– Small items to find. Click here to see how I made the Friendly Plastic charms. I also included some fun buttons, craft pompoms, a penny, etc.
-Ribbon and Hot Glue/Glue Gun.
-Paper Funnel

Instructions: Make a funnel out of paper and pour a mixture of the colored rices into the bulb. Be sure to leave space at the top of the bulb instead of filling all the way. Add small items. Use a hot glue gun to secure the “lid” to the bulb. Embellish with ribbon. Let the kids shake and find!

My kids have played with this for hours and have their favorite items to find. It’s also proven to be pretty indestructible. I’m sure they’ll figure out some way to break it at some point, but so far it’s survived dropping and throwing and being hit with blunt objects.

I’ll be giving a few of these to my younger nieces and nephews for Christmas.

UPDATE: 2 years later. The ornament game is still holding up great! I did have to re-glue the cap at some point, but that’s it. And the kids are still having fun searching and finding!search-ornament-karenwindness