I’m getting ready to combine a few different projects into one Christmas gift. The first element is a Friendly Plastic charm. These would also make great wine charms or jewelry pieces. I’ll post photos followed by supply list and instructions below.


1. Friendly Plastic Sticks: You can find Friendly Plastic at Hobby Lobby or online. I found some for CHEAP on e-bay, and also on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I haven’t seen them at Micheal’s.

2. Small clay cutters: These cutters (smaller than a penny) can be found in the clay (Sculpy) isle at any craft store or on-line. I have a set of holiday themed cutters and a set of basic shapes.

3. Heat source: I’m using a heat tool I originally purchased for embossing cards, plus a silicon baking sheet. You can heat Friendly Plastics on a hot plate or in hot (not boiling) water. I also think a hairdryer would work, but it wouldn’t be a great tool if you are working with small pieces that could fly away.

Instructions: Heat the Friendly Plastic stick until it is warm enough that it leaves a finger mark when you touch it, but not so hot that it bubbles. Place cutter into a bath of cold water. I add ice to make sure it is very cold. The cutter will stick to the Friendly Plastics if it is not cold. Press cutter into softened stick. Repeat. Let the stick cool untouched or drop it into a bath of cold water for fast hardening. After the stick is cold, push out your cut shapes. If you are adding beads or other details, re-heat the cut out shape and carefully tap in the details.

For some great tutorials, visit http://friendlyplastic.blogspot.com/.