Just thought I’d round out the end of Fall with a few random creations.

Here’s the crocheted hat that I finally finished. Maxers is modeling, but it will be a Christmas gift for a niece who is due in January. I learned how to crochet a hat on YouTube, and was able to make this one without a pattern. Just winged it. (I’m done with crochet for a while!)

Next is the tie-dye shirt I made for Fin. He wanted to dress as a tiger, so I found a 5$ orange shirt and treated it to a rubber band binding and black dye bath. Of course Fin ended up wearing his skeleton jacket over the shirt, so everyone thought he was a skeleton cat.

Here is the jack-o-lantern that made Fin cry and refuse to go out onto our porch. (Bad mom!) I used my lino cut tools to carve away the pumpkin skin. I was going for a Joker (think Batman) effect. I think I’ll carve deeper into the skin next year. There’s a learning curve to this technique for sure! And I should probably pick a more little kid-friendly theme. Fin already has enough hours of therapy ahead of him without a jack-0-lantern adding to his troubles.

And here’s the snowman we made today using my husband’s cute jack-o-lantern for a head.

Happy Fall!