A happy ending to the cork letter project I started HERE.

I thought I had enough corks to do several letters, and ran short doing just one “W”.

Fortunately for me, I’ve surrounded myself with good wine lovin’ friends and one of my them came to my cork shortage rescue. She actually makes her own wine, and I guess it doesn’t really work to re-use corks, so she hooked me up! (Thanks, Danlyn!)

Just goes to show even a random creator like me can finish projects with the help of good friends.

Now if someone could remind me how to crochet, I can finish the cute little baby hat I found in my desk yesterday. (Who keeps unfinished baby hats in their desk? I do!)

P.S. If you’re wondering how to make something similar, buy a wood letter from the craft store and hot glue corks to it. I also added hanging hardware to the back, but haven’t decided where this “W” will live yet.