Just when I thought the Nesting Bublette was complete, my hubster says, “The purple skin really isn’t doing it for me.” I would like to ignore him, dismiss his opinion, but the truth is, if he’s having a problem with it so will other people. (Husbands are people too, right?)

My goal was to find a skin tone that was ethnically ambiguous but also fun. I tried green and the poor girl looked sick or like she was going to invade our planet and populate it with her alien babies. I then tried blue and she looked like the kind of girl Captain James T. Kirk would really go for. What (eventually) occurred to me was that because the Bublette’s are already so stylized, adding an unusual color to the game just made them look… inhuman. And then the obvious solution came to me… I can have as many cards as I want on CardGnome.com, why not have a few skin tones to choose from? Here are the (pink haired) finals and samples of the (numbered) color trials.