I recently teamed up with Card Gnome, and Bublette greetings are available for sale on-line. I have to say, it’s feels pretty satisfying to click the “publish” button on these and know that the Bublettes are out in the world, making people smile.

The nesting Bublette was inspired by my experiences shopping as a mommy-to-be. I found myself strolling around Target feeling some major guilt for the expensive baby stuff that was piling up in my cart… but then I dismissed my self-loathing with the same phrase you’ll find on this card. There’s nothing wrong with nesting, right? What could be more natural?

By the way, her skin is purple because I was looking for a fun but ethnically neutral color for my girls. I tried her in green, but she just looked like she had morning sickness. Poor thing. Purple seemed like the way to go. (Feedback welcome as always!)