Mama Married a Monster
by Karen Windness

Mama married a monster. Mama calls him Mike.
She says that he’s my step-dad and a man I’ll learn to like.

Mama lets him in our house. She feeds Mike every day.
He’s allowed up on the furniture and now won’t go away!

I’ve asked Mike when he’s leaving. He says, “I’m here to stay!”
I guess there’s nothing I can do except to move away.

My bag is packed, my tires are pumped, it’s time to say “adieu”.
Mama says she’ll miss me. Mike says he’ll miss me, too!

Mike says I could get hungry. He’ll make a monster snack.
Mama offers me some cocoa as she puts away my pack.

I suppose Mike isn’t so bad. I like the way he cooks.
And I think I could get used to his funny monster looks.

Sometimes he takes us to the park. We’ve made a silly kite.
And when I’m on his shoulders I know everything’s alright.

I know my mama loves him, and that they both love me.
Perhaps there’s room for monsters in a happy family tree.

“Mama, can we keep him?” Mike’s really not so bad.
It might just be an okay thing to have a monster dad.