In case you were wondering about that Halloween Circus book I’ve been struggling with. You know, the one with a beginning and part of an ending but a lot of confusion in the middle? Well, here’s where it stands. I’ve often thought I’d be better at collaborating than doing a book on my own, so if you have feedback and/or contributions, I’m all ears!

Halloween Circus
by Karen L. Windness

When black curtain night parts for yellow grin moon,
Who rides up the sky like a hot air balloon,

We’ll parade to the graveyard and knock at each tomb,
Then raise up the big top repeating this tune:

Come dead or alive and watch if you dare,
A Halloween 3-Ring that’s certain to scare!

Phantoms and specters and skeletal creatures,
Float, fly, and clatter their way to the bleachers.

Drums begin rumbling as the ring monster roars,
“Light every lantern and stitch up the doors!”

(welcome the guests and introduce the performances here)

Our transparent guest float right off their seats,
When high-flying mummies try heart-stopping feats.

Heads fly through the air with the greatest of ease,
When our cannibal plants join the flying trapeze.

(more acts, etc.)

The show isn’t over ‘til the fat banshee screams,
“Children are coming! Pack up your things!”

We’ll load up the big top, the band and the crew,
The side show performers, the cast and the zoo.

Then wave to our guests and make our retreat,
Faster than you can say “trick-or-treat!”

(more ending parts here)