I’ve been busy trying to write a Halloween circus book. It has a decent beginning and good end, but the middle is killing me! My hubster suggested turning it into an ABC book, which is a good idea… but I guess I’m in the frustrated writer phase, because this is what came up with today. I don’t suggest reading it to your toddlers before bed…

An Absolutely Brutal Circus
ABC book by Karen Windness

A is for ambulance taking acrobats away.

B is for bears lapping blood off their prey.

C is for clowns of the cannibal kind.

D for daredevils on which the clowns dine.

E for explosions from elephant rears.

F for fireworks that will bring you to tears.

G for a guest who’d be better off dead.

H for the hippo who’ll sit on your head.

I is for I scream when I see teeth like saws.

J – juicy jugglers in jaguar jaws.

K is for knives and knife thrower who trips.

L is for lions with lickety lips.

M for magician making mischievous magic.

N for a net with a hole – oh how tragic!

O is for “Open!”, but this door is shut tight.

P is for puppets, possessed but polite.

Q is for questionable moment of quiet.

R is for ring master inciting a riot.

S is for snake charmer –he’s in a tight squeeze.

T is for tumblers with a toxic disease.

U for upchuck in an upturned umbrella.

V – vicious viper – Whoa there, big fella!

W for wet pants and waiting to die.

Oh wait, here’s an eXit! Good luck and good-bye!

Y would you read even one more bad letter?

Lets go to the Zoo. That has GOT to be better.