Leo in Pink

Thought I ought to post something. It’s been a while. I took a trip to SLC with my son, and managed to catch a nasty bug while we were there.

Has air ever come out of your eye duct when you blew your nose? This is a new one for me. And when I close my eyes, it makes my eyelid flutter. Very bizarre.

Lately my creative endeavors have been mostly experimenting with egg-free, wheat-free cooking. So far I’ve discovered that I hate garbanzo bean flour. Yuck! Might be good for humus, but not so great in a cupcake! The trick is to create foods that my husband or I will still eat, even if my picky allergic son won’t. I made a granola bar yesterday that was awesome. Would Fin try it? Of course not. More granola bars for me!

I’ve also been tweaking some of the zodiac babies. I’ve promised shirts to my younger nieces and nephews, so I’m updating the colors (see the Leo in pink for Teagan), and personalizing the hair and eyes.

Only a few more months until Max arrives! I’ve got quite the list of things to accomplish before then. I’ll keep you posted on the random, creative ones!