Cancer Baby
Cancer Baby in Pink

At long last, Cancers: Here’s your zodiac baby!

I initially thought the purple and blue colors/patterns might be a little too much, but now that I have it pasted into the post, I like it! Just in case, I made a pink and red version. More feminine but less contrasty. I’m open to opinions/suggestions as always.

My experience of Cancer people is that they can go very deep emotionally. They tend to be moody but also artistic, sensitive and creative. Very connected to the water/ocean and the moon. They sometimes project a hard exterior to protect the soft (and delicious) interior. 🙂 I’m actually allergic to crab, so you have nothing to fear from me, Cancers!

Speaking of crabby (ha ha), what’s up with my (nearly) two- old? Can someone please explain the psychology of tantrums and how to start implementing discipline? I’m so lost here! I think he’s just wanting to be a big boy, having frustration with not being able to communicate, and exerting his power in our relationship (and with Dad, too). Knowing this doesn’t change how frustrating it is to deal with the inappropriate behavior.) Help!

(I wonder where I stashed that Love and Logic book… It’s gotta be around here somewhere…)