Leo Baby

I’m surrounded by Leos! My brother is a Leo, my hubby is a Leo and my son, Finley, is a Leo. (Incidentally, Fin was born on 08-08-08. Cool, eh?)

From my experience Leos are very gregarious. They like to be at the center of the party and are often performing. My son is always the best dancer at any event… and he’s only 21 months old! My hubby is a juggler, a singer, a tap dancer, and a big time talker. It’s great to have another Leo in the house because they entertaining one another. (I wonder how things will be when we throw a Virgo baby into the mix!)

Any way you look at it, Leos are a pretty cool bunch… and they know it! I imagine this little lion is saying “hi-ee!” in that sweet, friendly Finley voice.

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