Cutie Pie

I hate to admit it, but this one was a struggle and ultimately (I think) a failure. (Reminds me of my cooking.) I just knew something wasn’t working, so I showed it to my hubby. His response was that the baby looks like part of the pie, ready to be eaten. Hmmm… I assume that babies are delicious, but this is really not what I was going for!

This reminds me: When I was pregnant with Finley, my belly got so big some people would ask me if I had two babies in there. (Let me just say, this is NOT a nice or appropriate question to ask an expectant woman.) I finally started replying, “Yes. The baby I’m pregnant with and the one I ate for breakfast.”

So, back to the pie baby disaster… My hubster suggested that I add feet to see if that would make it look more like a baby in a bed. Nice idea, but it just made the illustration worse. It was a sinking ship by this point, so for the hell of it I threw in an extra foot…

Bon Appetit!!

Sweet Feet