My son loves anything that goes. He is a huge Thomas the Train fan and has recently become obsessed with cars. The first thing he says in the morning is usually “Hi!” and then “CAR!”. In honor of him, I started drawing some monkeys in vehicles. Initially the idea was to make some additional critter images that he (and probably other boys) would enjoy, but it has since turned into a board book project. The working title is “Go Go Monkey-O”. I know a lot of folks (my self included) love seeing sketch book work, so instead of waiting until I have finished images to share, I’ll post some of the sketches now. This is basically how most my images start – pencil drawings. I scan the successful ones, import them into Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and finish them from there.

Monkey Car

Monkey drive,

Monkey race.

Speedy Monkey,

Take first place!

Monkey Scooter

Monkey zip,

Monkey stop.

Scooters make it

Fun to shop!