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Cheesy Me

Gotta get this baby started somewhere! Much like an art project, the trick is just beginning. So… this blog is no longer a blank canvas.

Expect to see a pretty unpredictable variety of posts here. I may be working on a painting or a logo or trying my hand at underwater basket weaving. The point is to stay creative, keep the imaginative juices flowing, and share the passion for all things art and fun.

Introductions first. My name is Karen Windness. I’m a pet portrait artist, a children’s book illustrator, a graphic designer, a wife, a mom, and a bit of an odd duck. I’m also pregnant with baby dos (#2), so I’m working under the influence of mommy brain. If I’m scattered, lets just blame it on that for now. If you’d like to see my portfolio, please visit:

Phew! Post one done. More to come soon!